Dr. Gregory Crocetti

Gregory Crocetti worked as a microbiologist for a decade, studying at University of Queensland and later working as a post-doctoral researcher at University of New South Wales, Sydney and University of Lund, Sweden. Gregory then pursued a teaching qualification and has spent much of the previous five years teaching primary and secondary school science programs with CSIRO Education. During this time he has also worked in Scale Free Network, combining aspects of science (particularly microscopes and microscopic imagery) with art (particularly drawing) to observe the hidden worlds around us. From this position of interdisciplinary work, he has recently created a series of sculptures inspired by scientific imagery for solo exhibition, and worked on collaborative art projects with Slow Art Collective, TAPR Projects, Honky Kong, artist Natalie Jeremijenko and more. As a keen environmentalist, Gregory has recently developed workshops with children and adults to create lamp sculptures from assorted waste materials, and participated in The Repair Workshops (part of the 2011 Melbourne Design Festival) which similarly encouraged repair and reuse over waste and consumption. Gregory is currently coordinating the Scale Free Network project, 'Small Friends' - a series of symbiosis storybooks, telling positive stories about microorganisms.


+61 403 733 628



Briony Barr

Briony Barr is a visual artist. She makes site-specific works that explore drawing as a system of change and a medium for collaboration. Process-driven, Briony's interest in drawing lies in not just the productive, creative stage but also in the destructive and residual phases of a work. Scientific notions of change, interconnectivity, rules and complex systems inform the structure of this creative process. Briony’s main collaborators are Andrew Melatos, an astrophysicist, with whom she designs rules for drawings, and large groups of people, (both children and adults) whose participation and interactions are what really drives the work. Briony is also one of three founding members of art-science collective, Scale Free Network who create installations and workshops using artistic process as a means of interacting with science. Since 2009, Briony has worked as a teaching artist at the City of Melbourne’s ArtPlay, a civic art studio, and for Kids’ Own Publishing, a not-for-profit children's community publisher. She received her BA (English) from The University of Queensland, a BFA from The School of Visual Arts in New York and an MFA (Research) from The Victoria College of Art in Melbourne, Australia. Briony has exhibited in solo and group shows in Australia, Mexico and America. In 2012, she was awarded an Emerging Artist New Work grant from The Australia Council on the Arts for her ongoing project entitled Drawing on Complexity. In November 2013, Drawing on Complexity: Experiment #4 took place at The Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Seoul, Korea.



Jacqueline Smith

Jacqueline Smith is an artist and art educator with a degree in Fine Art (Drawing) from RMIT University and a Graduate Diploma in Education (Visual Art) from ACU. Jacqui has worked in public art galleries in Melbourne (ACCA, RMIT Gallery and Linden Centre for Contemporary Art) and in support of the Art Group at the Sacred Heart Mission. Since qualifying as a teacher she has worked in primary and secondary schools in both the government and independent sector. As a member of Scale Free Network art-science collaborative, Jacqui has created and taught workshops and public programs for organisations such as ArtPlay, CSIRO, City of Melbourne, Art Gallery of Ballarat and Regional Arts Victoria. For 3 years, Jacqui worked at Alia College, a small independent secondary school in Hawthorn East, Melbourne, where she designed and delivered the Art curriculum for Years 7 to 10, and VCE (Years 11 and 12) Art and Studio Arts – Photography. She is interested in alternative education and the potential for Art and creativity to support the well-being of adolescents. Jacqui maintains an art practice, currently working with digital painting, traditional drawing and LED installations. Currently Jacqueline works as a Children's Program Officer at the Ipswich Art Gallery in Queensland and is Visual Arts Program Manager at Woodford Folk Festival 2014.