Drawing Water workshops brings together science and art techniques to represent local water and explore water ecology health, led by microbial ecologist Dr. Gregory Crocetti and visual artist Aviva Reed.

First, school students are taken to a local water body (river, creek, lake or pond) to observe and sketch their surroundings, discussing the relevant flora, fauna and morphology of the scene. We will also measure water quality and collect our samples of water to explore under the microscope back at school.

Next, we will collectively observe microbes in our water samples projected from under a microscope (at 100x and 400x magnification) – identifying and collaboratively drawing these moving water-organisms. We will also talk students through the biodiversity of various organisms and discuss sizes, shapes and movement, as a form of exploring deeper ecological principles.

Last, Aviva will work with students to create watercolour illustrations of the macroscopic diversity present in the local water body.


The Drawing Water workshops are available to year 3-9 Victoria school children in 2015.

More information and bookings at Regional Arts Victoria.