Scale Free Network’s Interactive Microscope Drawing Exhibition showcased many of the beautiful and scientifically inspired artworks created during our inaugural series of nine workshops at ArtPlay. Since each workshop was four hours long, we really did manage to create a large number of detailed individual and collaborative artworks!
Funded by a grant from National Science Week, our exhibition became part of their 2008 program, attracting a larger audience for our artworks and interactive activities.
Thank you to:
Dr. Andi Horvath – our guest speaker and host of ‘Einstein-a-go-go’ radio program.
Southern Biological – who donated a stereomicroscope for our lucky door prize. This was awarded to one of our workshop participants and exhibiting artists (who promised to share it with her little sister – also a participant in our workshops).

ArtPlay and the City of Melbourne – who awarded Scale Free Network our first grant, the one that started it all!



National Science Week


Dr. Andi Horvath

Southern Biological