In March 2010, SFN was invited by curator Ingrid Hedgecock to spend three weeks at the Ipswich Art Gallery in Queensland. In this workshop series, along with kit of our microscopes, petri-dishes, fascinating objects, projectors, library of highly magnified images and drawing tools, we also began testing a new art-science sculpture activity – building molecules using plasticine and toothpicks. This later became our ‘Molecular Smorgasbord’ Activity.

A standard week at IAG involved running two 1.5 hr school workshops a day. We taught mostly primary school students, along with several sessions with high school students and one with a group of local home-school students. We also ran a professional development session for local artists and teachers (both science and art).

Photos by Briony Barr, Gregory Crocetti, Jacina Leong & Beyond Bluestockings




Stereo Microscope images on Flickr

Ipswich Art Gallery

2013 SFN project at Ipswich Art Gallery