To assist in the running of this participatory ‘Microscopes & Molecules’ activity, SFN enlisted the additional support of two artists, Rebeccah Power and Lauren Simmonds (see links below). This was our third collaboration with the Royal Institution of Australia and the second time we had been invited to participate in their Free Range Science program, bringing the wonders of science to regional Victoria and South Australia.


Excerpt from RiAus Free Range Science (Mansfield) activity descriptions:

The world is absolutely full of fascinating creatures, patterns and objects – some too small for the human eye to see. In collaboration with the Scale Free Network, we brought you the amazing world of the micro-scale.

The Scale Free Network Art-Science Lab is designed to provide a different perspective of the world around us. We are all familiar with everyday objects like coins or salt but do we really know what they look like? Which micro-beasts live inside a single droplet of water? What are scientists looking at when measuring in micrometres, nanometres or picometres? What does a sweet molecule like sucrose or an explosive molecule like TNT look like?
At the Art-Science Lab, you could have seen a new perspective of the world. Take a look through the microscope yourself, make a drawing and build a molecule out of plasticine.



The Royal Institution of Australia (RiAUS)

Lauren Simmonds webpage

Rebeccah Power webpage