Since all three SFN members originally hail from Queensland (or at least lived there during many of their formative years!), they were invited by Brisbane-based collective, OtherFilm (Danielle Zuvela, Joel Stern & Sally Golding) to participate in their sub-tropical intervention/invasion of ‘Always Moving’, a group exhibition curated by Jared Davis at Gertrude Contemporary Art Spaces in Melbourne.


For this two-evening event, SFN projected live from under the microscope, exploring the microscopic life found in a water sample taken from Norman Creek, QLD. With some help from gallery visitors, we made two large-format drawings based on this footage, as well as inspired by the Psycho-Sub-Tropical gallery environment which was continually evolving around us.


Excerpt from OtherFilm’s Psycho-Sub-Tropical Blurb:

Straddling the altered interstates between decorum and delirium, this gaggle of Queensland artists invoke molten-media performance inferences in Psycho Subtropics 2010. Two evenings of multi-dimensional research and visceral visuality from expedited equatorial agents of aberrance, featuring Ross Manning, Joel Stern, Sally Golding, Scale Free Network, Sarah Byrne, and more.




Gertrude Contemporary Art Space

Jared Davis ‘Always Moving’