For two days, SFN was invited to intervene in ‘The Brunswick Project’, a month-long exhibition by Slow Art Collective (Tony Adams, Dylan Martorell, Chaco Kato and Ash Keating) at The Counihan Gallery, Melbourne.

We brought in some of our viewing devices, (several microscopes, overhead projectors, microscope camera and an old epidiascope) in order to make some close observations of the existing exhibition, reframing elements in the show on a new scale. In collaboration with other exhibition viewers we made drawings of our findings and projected our various observations and extrapolations on the gallery walls, and onto some very large, spherical* balloons.


*A brief note on the balloons.
SFN enjoys incorporating the circular form into most of their projects. Originally, this motif was inspired by the circular field of view we see through the microscope and the shape of our most fundamental viewing device, the eyeball.


other artists involved:
Roda Roda Soundsystem
Nathan Gray
Wemakeus Collective
Ocular Lab and Jason Workman