Did you know there are three main branches to the Tree of Life, not just the one with all the plants and animals (Eukarya) on it?
There is also Bacteria…. and Archaea (many you might know as extremophiles!)
This project was a collaboration between Scale Free Network, artist Tony Adams and a group of children and parents at ArtPlay in Melbourne.


In our ‘Sculpting the Tree Of Life’ workshop, we explored biodiversity through games and dialogue, finally sitting down together to make hundreds of leaves, representing as many of the branches of life that we could possibly fit onto our Tree of Life (made from recycled cardboard tubes sourced from Reverse Art Truck).


Afterwards, we installed the tree in the Friends of the Earth Cafe on Smith St in Melbourne, where it stayed for three months.

Thanks to David MacLeod, Beth Askham, Alex Desebrock and Ailsa Wild for their support at key stages of this project.

Special acknowledgement to Tony Adams, for without his structural expertise our tree would never have grown!



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