Follow Your Gut

Follow Your Gut is a graphic novel exploring the complex micro/biological drama around the birth and growth of a human, told from a radically non-human point of view.

The project assembles a team of creatives led by artist Briony Barr & microbial ecologist Dr Gregory Crocetti (Scale Free Network), with writer Ailsa Wild, comic artist Ben Hutchings and reproductive biologist Dr Lisa Stinson.

The final outcome will be a manuscript for a narrative non-fiction story, reframing the human ‘individual’ as human ‘ecosystem’.

Sample illustration by Ben Hutchings from Follow Your Gut…featuring dendritic cells (the Dendries) carrying bacterial samples (Biffy the Bifidobacterium & Sal the Salmonella) through the lymphatic system of a female human body, about to give birth…


This project is supported with funding from the Australia Council for the Arts.


More information about Follow Your Gut and the Planet Human series here.