We have created an illustrated storybook about the beautiful symbiosis between the Hawaiian Bobtail squid, Euprymna scolopes, and the bioluminescent bacteria, Vibrio fischeri.

Our 1st Edition of The Squid, the Vibrio & the Moon sold out within a fortnight of the interview with Robyn Williams on the ABC Radio National Science Show.

We have now re-printed the book on beautiful matte paper (100% recycled stock & green energy) and added a spine!
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Once logged in, look for the ‘rewards’ down the right hand side of our shop site and choose from the options there. It’s $19.95 per book (or 3 for $49), plus shipping. You can pay using credit cards or paypal. However, if you have any trouble with the Pozible site (above), try our ScaleFreePublishing website. Or if you’d simply prefer to speak to someone directly, don’t hesitate to call us to order a book. We can arrange this through direct bank deposit or a cheque payment. Simply call Gregory on 0403 733 628 email us at scalefreenetwork[at]gmail.com
Our storybook is also available in a growing number of bookshops around Australia. Here’s a list of our stockists. And if you’re a library or bookshop, please get in touch with our stockist – INT Books. (You can look up the book using the ISBN – 978 099 258 7208)
Book Overview
The book was created by Dr Gregory Crocetti, written by Ailsa Wild and illustrated by Aviva Reed.
Briony Barr was the art director and storyboarder for the book, also created the scientific illustrations for the science section.
Professor Linda Blackall contributed to the book research and also liaised with the McFall-Ngai lab to check for scientific accuracy (*Margaret McFall-Ngai is THE most important microbiologist in the Squid-Vibrio symbiosis field!).
Many thanks also to: to our amazing graphic designer Jaye Carcary; science writer Beth Askham; proof reader Jill Farrar; and Theresa Harrison for taking the ace photos of our completed books!!

Our Vision

We hope this beautifully illustrated book will inspire children and adults about our small friends in the microscopic world.

Rich in visual details and scientific content, over a simple storyline about the adventure of a young bacterium ‘Ali’, her friend ‘Mai’, and the newborn bobtail squid ‘Sepio’ – all watched over by the moon.

Scale Free Network have worked for many years to reveal the details usually hidden in the microscopic world to children and adults – largely in the hope that they will better appreciate and hopefully love these small friends.

This book is the first in the Microbial Symbiosis Storytelling Project – with the working name ‘Small Friends’ for the book series. We hope this first book demonstrates our commitment to telling positive stories about microorganisms through some of the (mostly) positive symbiotic roles they play in every ecosystem on earth (including our own bodies).

Stay tuned for our coral symbiosis storybook in coming weeks!!!


About the Microbial Symbiosis Storytelling Project

The Microbial Symbiosis Storytelling Project tells stories of microorganisms (bacteria, fungi, viruses) and the intimate relationships they form with larger forms of life. Each story combines engaging written narrative and beautiful illustrations inspired by rich scientific concepts. The books promote the idea that cooperation is a dominant paradigm of nature, not just competition. They portray microbes in a positive light, countering misguided hysteria around germs and hygiene.

The theme of symbiosis is reflected in the creative team behind the storybook, comprised of a writer, illustrator and microbial ecologist who will work with active scientists, all coordinated by Scale Free Network. The combined work of these collaborators explains these natural phenomena in a way that no single person could do on their own.

Vibrio fischeri

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Species Status
Vibrio fischeri (Beijerinck 1889) Lehmann and Neumann 1896 (Approved Lists 1980)
> This name is Validly Published via the Approved Lists.
Parent   Siblings   Children   
Vibrio choleraeT    Vibrio aerogenesVibrio aestivusVibrio aestuarianusVibrio agarivoransVibrio albensisVibrio alfacsensisVibrio alginolyticusVibrio anguillarumVibrio areninigraeVibrio artabrorumVibrio atlanticusVibrio atypicusVibrio azureusVibrio brasiliensisVibrio breoganiiVibrio calviensisVibrio campbelliiVibrio carchariaeVibrio caribbeanicusVibrio caseiVibrio celticusVibrio chagasiiVibrio cincinnatiensisVibrio comitansVibrio communisVibrio coralliilyticusVibrio cortegadensisVibrio costicolaVibrio crassostreaeVibrio crosaiVibrio cyclitrophicusVibrio damselaVibrio diabolicusVibrio diazotrophicusVibrio ezuraeVibrio fluvialisVibrio fortisVibrio furnissiiVibrio gallaecicusVibrio gallicusVibrio gazogenesVibrio gigantisVibrio halioticoliVibrio hangzhouensisVibrio harveyiVibrio hemicentrotiVibrio hepatariusVibrio hippocampiVibrio hispanicusVibrio hollisaeVibrio ichthyoenteriVibrio iliopiscariusVibrio inusitatusVibrio jasicidaVibrio kanaloaeVibrio lentusVibrio litoralisVibrio logeiVibrio madraciusVibrio mangroviVibrio marinusVibrio marisflaviVibrio maritimusVibrio mediterraneiVibrio metoecusVibrio metschnikoviiVibrio mimicusVibrio mytiliVibrio natriegensVibrio navarrensisVibrio neonatusVibrio neptuniusVibrio nereisVibrio nigripulchritudoVibrio ordaliiVibrio orientalisVibrio ostreicidaVibrio owensiiVibrio paciniiVibrio parahaemolyticusVibrio pectenicidaVibrio pelagiusVibrio penaeicidaVibrio plantisponsorVibrio pomeroyiVibrio ponticusVibrio porteresiaeVibrio proteolyticusVibrio quintilisVibrio rarusVibrio rhizosphaeraeVibrio rotiferianusVibrio ruberVibrio rumoiensisVibrio sagamiensisVibrio salmonicidaVibrio scophthalmiVibrio shiloniiVibrio sinaloensis Vibrio sp.Vibrio splendidusVibrio stylophoraeVibrio succinogenesVibrio superstesVibrio tapetisVibrio tasmaniensisVibrio thalassaeVibrio toranzoniaeVibrio trachuriVibrio tubiashiiVibrio variabilisVibrio viscosusVibrio vulnificusVibrio wodanisVibrio xiamenensisVibrio xuii
Valid Publication   Effective Publication
Valid Publication
Skerman VBD, McGowan V, Sneath PHA. Approved Lists of Bacterial Names. Int J Syst Bacteriol 1980; 30:225-420.
Effective Publication
Lehmann KB, Neumann R. Atlas und Grundriss der Bakteriologie und Lehrbuch der speziellen bakteriologischen Diagnostik, First Edition, J.F. Lehmann, München, 1896, p. 1-448.
Basonym   New Combinations   Homotypic Synonyms   Heterotypic Synonyms   
Aliivibrio fischeri (Beijerinck 1889) Urbanczyk et al. 2007
> This name is Validly Published.
Photobacterium fischeri (Beijerinck 1889) Reichelt and Baumann 1973 (Approved Lists 1980)
> This name is Validly Published via the Approved Lists.
Type Strain      Strain Information      Non-Type Strains      Strain Information      Strain Information
Culture Deposits   Curated Features
Culture Deposits   Curated Features
Culture Deposits   Curated Features
Urbanczyk H, Ast JC, Higgins MJ, Carson J, Dunlap PV. Reclassification of Vibrio fischeri, Vibrio logei, Vibrio salmonicida and Vibrio wodanis as Aliivibrio fischeri gen. nov., comb. nov., Aliivibrio logei comb. nov., Aliivibrio salmonicida comb. nov. and Aliivibrio wodanis comb. nov. Int J Syst Evol Microbiol 2007; 57:2823-2829. doi:10.1099/ijs.0.65081-0 [PubMed].
Ruby EG, Urbanowski M, Campbell J, Dunn A, Faini M, Gunsalus R, Lostroh P, Lupp C, McCann J, Millikan D, Schaefer A, Stabb E, Stevens A, Visick K, Whistler C, Greenberg EP. Complete genome sequence of Vibrio fischeri: a symbiotic bacterium with pathogenic congeners. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 2005; 102:3004-3009. doi:10.1073/pnas.0409900102 [PubMed].
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