In collaboration with Mark Thomas (artist and environmental scientist), SFN ran a public workshop observing microscopic forms of life in Galaxia Billabong, a polluted water body (part of the Merri Creek) in inner-city Melbourne. The workshop took place at the Centre for Education and Research in Environmental Strategies (CERES), Australia

We began by helping Mark and many other awesome people to help to clean up rubbish at the site, then took back water and various botanical samples to CERES to observe and draw them.

This method of using drawing as a kind of bio-monitoring device is a core component of SFN’s methodology.

A longer-term study of Galaxia using this approach is now in planning stages, in collaboration with artist/scientist Natalie Jeremijenko (The Environmental Health Clinic – New York University) and artist/engineer Tega Brain. Stay tuned for new developments here…..




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