In 2008, Scale Free Network was awarded an arts grant from the City of Melbourne. With these funds, we developed and ran the first series of Microscope Drawing Workshops that took place at civic art studio, ArtPlay.
There were three main stations, divided according to magnification.
Station 1: (10 – 40x) Stereo microscopes + drawing with coloured pencil, led by Briony
Station 2: (40 – 1000x) Compound Microscope + drawing with pencils and felt-pens, led by Gregory
Station 3: (20 – 40000x) Overhead Projector Drawing (with dry pastel and charcoal) led by Jacqui

Across 9 days, each of 4 hour workshops, participants ranged in age between 5-12 years old.
This project culminated in an exhibition of artwork that was also included as part of National Science Week’s 2008 program.


Special thanks to Daiana Voinescu, Alice Mrongovius, Jaye Carcary, Dimple Rajyaguru and Thea Rechner for coming in to take photographs across these days!!!



More sets on Flickr

Stereo Microscope images on Flickr