Mission to launch The Invisible War: Accomplished!

The Royal Society of Victoria hosted our action-packed launch of The Invisible War – featuring:

The launch was timed to coincide at the intersections of National Science Week, National Book Week and the 100 year anniversary of the Battle of Pozi̬res (Western Front, France, 23 July Р3 Sept 1916), when The Invisible War is set.

Thank you to everyone who attended – and especially to our friends and RSV staff who helped us run and document the occasion: Em, Sim & Anna, Emily, Poppin, Jill, Sasha, Kieran, Linda, Theresa, Genevieve, Christina, Malourie, Jared and Michael.

To our collaborators Ailsa, Jeremy, Jaye and Ben – love your work.

Photos by Theresa Harrison.