Devised especially for the Q.U.T. The Cube Winter Holiday Program, Micro-Macro took the form of an 8-day collaborative collage, inspired by the fauna, flora and landscapes depicted in the work of Australian expressionist painter, William Robinson.

Set up as a drop-in activity, participants chose an animal, insect, plant or fungi from our selection of photographs, then created their own version using a combination of paper, felt-tip pens, pencils and glue. This collage was then added to the collaborative artwork.

Over the course of the installation, an entire ecological system emerged..ranging from the macro to the microscopic. This evolving process was captured from above with a camera and edited together to create two time-lapse animations.

Timelapse #1

Timelapse #2

Thank you to Q.U.T. staff for hosting us at The Cube, and for their invaluable support.



Date: 17th - 14th July, 2018
Location: The Cube. Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane.