What mysteries lurk in the soil beneath our feet?

Part laboratory, part studio, this workshop will introduce you to the mysterious and biodiverse underworld that is soil: the under-appreciated micro-polis beneath our feet, on which the world’s food systems depend. What can we learn from these underground communities? Can we compare our internet to the vast fungal webs that connect with plants in the soil? How can we work in a more caring partnership with the microbial friends who help us eat well?

Through immersive experience, collaborative drawing and observation through the microscope, art-science collaborative Scale Free Network will playfully bring this invisible world to life, reframing soil health from the perspective of microorganisms. Inspire your imagination and explore the foundations of our food system.

Created and presented in collaboration with Aviva Reed (Oekologie Studios), Kelly Donati and Nick Rose (Sustain/William Angliss Insitute) as part of Melbourne Knowledge Week 2018.


Melbourne Knowledge Week

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